Monday, 28 October 2013

New Business Venture: Discovery Toys

Last week after GeoDad proposed to me and we talked budget for life + planning a wedding I thought it would be wise to find a few more ways to bring home some money. Ideally I would be back doing some geophysics work, but my experience is in hardrock mineral exploration and I am living in an oil and gas city. So while I have the education to work oil and gas, my experience and time at home with the kids is making it a harder to get a job in the industry.

So fast forward to the last week. Putting the kids in daycare for a job in my field makes sense, working evenings and weekends when Shawn can be home and we don't pay for child care makes sense. Working at something full time during the week where I make just enough to cover the childcare expenses does not make sense. We discussed the ways I could make more without full-time child care. And came to the conclusion that a stay at home business would be a viable and probably a very good option.

The big names that came to mind were Avon, Mary Kay, etc. Now this is where I need to admit that I rarely wear make up, I don't take any health supplements and I don't have much interest in changing all these things to be a successful business person. The next ideas were more kitchen related, Pampered Chef (I have some of their products and I love them) and similar products, but the reality is that I have 2 small kids that would make prepping for parties in the kitchen way more challenging. Plus GeoDad and I have tons of kitchen stuff that I don't want to be replacing just yet.

When I ran the idea past my mom of doing a party based business she suggested Discovery Toys. I checked out their info and remembered how much fun my brother and I had with some of their products when I was little. I think it is a great company and I love educational toys.

So I am excited to announce that as of yesterday I am an Educational Consultant with Discovery Toys and I am ready to take your orders, host parties (both in Calgary and online), and maybe get you started on your own home based business too.

I doubt Monkey and LB will mind as I will be getting great discounts and free toys. Here are some of the cool toys I can get for them (and your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc). I played with Marbleworks growing up and it was lots of fun for my brother and I for many many years.
Thanks for checking in and if you are shopping for toys this holiday season please come see what I can offer you here on my personal Discovery Toys Website. Today I am going to work on getting a button for my sidebar for anyone looking to purchase or check out the products without having to scroll through all my posts.

GeoMama PS. I figured out the button for the sidebar. It takes you right to my Independant Discovery Toys Webstore

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