Tuesday, 19 August 2014

WIP: A Whole lot of EPP

First off, a big thanks for everyone that reads my blog regularly (and for those that just read now and then, and those who are reading it for the first time today, and really everyone who ever read it).
I checked my page views this week and I am at 10058!!! I think that I pretty exciting and I had no idea that I would ever make it that far. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Summer has been great for hand stitching while my kids play in the yard. It has been a super hot summer so we are all getting in lots of time outside and if we are at home I almost always have my hand sewing with me. It lives in sandwich sized plastic bin on counter so it is always ready to go.

Over the last couple weeks I have completely the third block of Project Seventy-Two, which was made with 72 half-hexagons.

 Project Seventy-Two is coming along nicely (I think). I would love to say I have a clear game plan for it, but I don't and I am not in any rush to get one. I knew I didn't want the blocks to touch one another so I chose to separate them with setting triangles of a fourth contrasting colour. Here are the first two triangles, also make with half-hexies, sewn onto 2 blocks.

I am also playing catch up on the Hexie Block of Month hosted by The Hexie Blog.
Here is the June BOM

The July BOM

And the August BOM

As if that wasn't enough stuff on the go outside and away from my sewing room, I also finished 2 wedding gifts (read about them here, and here).

And made a dress for Monkey to wear to the second wedding (which I finished sewing in the truck on the way out to event)

And finally, I felt it was time to sew something for me (or rather, work on a project for me that I started back in the spring). The main piece of it almost all quilted, and I am still trying to decide on the rest of the details.

Sorry for the post overload today, and thanks for sticking around to the end.
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  1. Wow you certainly like hexies, I havent started doing any yet but I think they are wonderful especially as a travelling hobby to do on the run. Lovely ideas that you have made with them.

  2. I've just started doing some hexies myself...not as many as you though! I love your last little quilt...the one for you. It's so bright and happy.

  3. Nice job on the hexies! Jury is still out on it for me!

  4. Great BOMs and the triangles look super set between your blocks

  5. I love the colors in the project seventy-two. And the colors in your tumbler project are also excellent. Nice and bright! Cute little fussy cut orange circle hexies. You've got a lot on the go! Great work.

  6. I like all your projects, especially Project 72. And what a darling - that is a cute dress you made her. I invite you to like to Hexie Weekend and show off your hexiness and other EPP.

  7. You have some great hexie projects on the go!


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