Thursday, 27 November 2014

I strongly dislike hemming

The last few weeks have been amazingly slow in the sewing department. I have finally finished making curtains for the kids bedrooms. They weren't difficult but it took me 3 times longer than I thought it might because I was easily distracted every time I finished hemming one of the edges. Not that hemming the edges was hard, I just don't enjoy it.

This was my first time using grommets and I was pleased with how easily the plastic snap together ones worked. I am just not thrilled with the finishes some of colours.

The curtains for both kids' rooms are just quilting cotton which although its not ideal for drapery the prints were perfect and I got the yardage at a great price.

Both Monkey and LB loved posing for pictures with their curtains after they were hung.

GeoDad and I had a weekend away last weekend and I spent a ton of time stitching hexies together for my Not Your Grandma's Garden Quilt. I pieced 8 rows of 12, and sewed 3 of those rows into a block that will easily attach to the main piece.

The other thing keeping us on our toes is demolition and remediation in the basement. We found mold when we first moved in and had a crew in cleaning it up last week. Along the way they also found asbestos so the project keeps getting more expensive and is taking more days. Good news in all of that though is that I have been able to sew a bit in the mornings while I wait for them to arrive.

This morning I took Tycho's old ratty collar cut off all the hardware and made her a new one. It was pretty easy as I had some webbing that I recycled out of my infant carseat which had expired and the LQS had duponi silk on sale during the summer. The collar is very pretty but won't last long if we let her wear it when she wrestles with my brother or mom's dogs.

I will probably go back into blogger silence for the next few weeks as I have some secret sewing to do before the holidays. Then when the new year starts I have a couple projects that will need to get done for my March wedding. And if blog is quiet I have a hard time not sharing photos over on instagram! Follow me @geomamaquilts for sneak peaks of secret sewing.

Happy Thanksgiving to the American's reading this and thanks for stopping by.


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