Monday, 8 June 2015

I have created a 4 year old dress snob.

Shortly after our wedding and finishing my first Peppermint Swirl dress for Monkey the LQS store had their half-price fabric on sale even further, and while I wasn't really looking to buy anything I couldn't avoid getting at least a little bit quilting cotton for $4/m. I found a lovely blue floral print that would look great on my blue-eyed, blond haired niece who was about to turn 4. I paired it with Northcott solid blue and turned it into another Peppermint Swirl Dress.

As we took this one to the post office to mail to my niece Monkey asked me to make her another one for her birthday.  Shortly after that a friend was clearing out some of her fabric stash and had 2 gorgeous pieces that were each 1.5 m long. Adding a 3rd colour to get enough yardage was easy and I sewed up my third one in the nights leading up to her birthday.

Hope 2 twirly-whirly dresses will be enough for her for a while, but she has said that she thinks she should have 3. Maybe I will find another smoking sale and get some more fabric for a 3rd one.


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  1. Ah, my daughter would have LOVED a swirly dress. She's 28 now, maybe she'd still like one, lol. Sending good luck on finding some more inexpensive fabric, because you know, the joy of seeing your little one in a swirly dress, every day of the week, is priceless!


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