Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Another PUL Project: Monkey's Bib

Since we started feeding LB solids just over a month ago Monkey has been way more interested in wearing a bib again when she is eating. I have a few cloth bibs that she has been soaking with yogurt/soup/etc. while LB uses a nice,  easy to wipe clean taffeta bib (Kushies brand). I was getting tired of having to keep the few cloth bibs in rotation for her and thought 'Hey, I have a Babyville Boutique Pattern for PUL bibs'. Turns out I have actually misplaced the pattern, but I still have the instructions.

I started by tracing the bib LB is uses onto a sheet of mylar (this way I can make lots more all the same). Then I cut 2 full bibs (a front and back) and one piece for a pocket. I folded the top of the pocket  over and stitched it down.

I sewed the pocket onto the front piece, then I stitched the front (with pocket) and back together wrong sides together, leaving a 2 inch gap at the bottom so it could be turned inside out.

I snipped the seam allowances on the curves to help them turn, then turned it right side out. I gave it a light press with low heat to help the seams to lay flat.

I top stitched all around the edge to hold the layers together and flat. Then added hook tape to one flap and loop tape to the other.

Voila! A bib for Monkey that is easy to wipe clean.

I'm thinking I should probably make a few more of these, but first I need a decent sized stash of diapers. 


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