Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Works in Progress April 17

On the weekend I went to a local church that was hosting a charity fabric sale. It was amazing how much was there that had been donated from people's stashes. There was everything from quilting cotton to drapery fabric to fleece and jersey (and more but I didn't look through most of it). Everything was priced at $1/m (a steal if you ask me). I came home with $27 of fabric mostly in 1 m and 2 m cuts (however, there was some that was 4 or 5m). That is when GeoDad asked me what I was going to do with all of it.

Hmm... some of it is destined to go into my quilting stash. Some of it is too lightweight for quilting, some is too heavy. The lightweight cotton broadcloth is going to be used for some summery clothes for Monkey and my niece L who turns 2 at the end of the week. Her clothes won't get up to her on time because I am slow, but here  is what I have started:

A peasant dress for L with this bright fabric. I am using this tutorial and so far it seems very do able. Monkey will also get a dress out of this fabric because I have 4 or 5m of it. I think they will both get matching sun hats too.
Peasant dress using fish patterned broadcloth. 
I have these broadcloth colors picked out for skirts for both girls:

The other sewing the kids I have completed and still have in progress are the PUL diaper covers, I hate sewing them. 9 are done, 1 more is in the works, then I have to cut more out. I made 2 more PUL bibs over the weekend, I don't mind sewing them because they go together really quick and I can put them on the kids the next morning.

I bought a 14 x 14 inch pillow form and I am going to figure out borders on the Y = X block to get it up to 14 inches square.

And I might as well update on my hexie project (last updated here). I have basted 222 hexies (13 completed strips from the jelly roll I am using). So almost half way to the magical number I think I need for the placemat set I hope to make with them (480-ish).  If anyone has tips on starching these before I get to sewing them that would be greatly appreciated. I am nervous about wrecking my iron/ironing board cover with too much starch.

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