Saturday, 15 June 2013

Week 14 & 15 Fitness

The first half of June is over and it has been a busy couple weeks. I had my last week at my Mom's and with the ladies in Momma's class at Ignite Fitness in Red Deer. Then I packed all almost all of my stuff at Mom's and drove it all to Calgary to move into the new house with GeoDad. The kids and I are starting to work on new routines in the new house, which is both good and challenging. They are sleeping great, both at night and nap time. I think this is due to all the fresh air they are getting in the new toddler friendly yard (I promise there will be a post with some pictures soon, once we have all our stuff from the Yukon). 

While I haven't made any decisions about gyms in Calgary, I have added something new to my fitness routine that I can do at home. During my second last CrossFit class in Red Deer I was roped into doing a 100 day burpee challenge.  (How to video here ). It will be my way to stay connected with the great ladies at Ignite Fitness in Red Deer. So here is how it works:
June 1st: 1 burpee
June 2nd: 2 burpees
June 3rd: 3 burpees (I started late, so June 3rd I had to do the first 6)
until Day 100, September 8th with 100 burpees. (Sounds completely ridiculous right? 5050 burpees over 100 days - I think it will be good for me).

Anyway, despite not being totally settled in Calgary, and being very undecided about gyms, I have done a bit other than my daily burpees.

June 2: Walk with kiddos and dog at off leash area. Made monkey sit in the stroller so I could walk at a decent pace.
June 3: CrossFit: Strength: Power Clean - Test for 1 rep max: 95lbs. Need to work a bit on my getting lower into a squat, but pretty pleased with it today. WOD: 2 Minutes Double unders (DUs), 2 minutes Knees to Elbows (K2E), 90 seconds DUs, 90 seconds K2E, 60 seconds DUs, 60 seconds K2E, 30 seconds DUs, 30 seconds K2E. Completed 46 K2E (well sort of... I can't actually get my knees that close to my arms... but I tried) and I lost count while I was trying to figure out how to do double unders when skipping. So no fancy grand total for today's WOD. Finished up with 6 burpees to start the 100 day challenge.
June 4: 4 burpees after walking the dog in park while pushing the kids in the stroller. I ran a bit too.
June 5: Crossfit: Strenght: Deadlift at 80% 3 x 5 reps: 125lbs (my previous 1 rep max was 135lbs, but it has been a while and my technique is way better than it was a month ago). Felt pretty good. WOD: 21-15-9 reps of Power Cleans @ 60% max & push ups. I didn't do all the power cleans... 21 in a row is way too many. 15-15-9 at 45lbs. I did all the push ups. Time 5:38. Completed my 5 burpees during the warm up. Got out to the dog park for an afternoon walk with the kids in the stroller.
June 6: Walk with kiddos and dog, 6 burpees
June 7: Moving Day! Carried lots of things to the truck and trailer, then carried lots of things into the new house. Then I did my 7 burpees.
June 8: 8 burpees - first whole day in the new house
June 9: 9 burpees - still settling in, Monday we get back to routines

June 10: Went out looking for a gym membership. The closest YMCA has a 1 week trial that I signed up for, but there was no space in babysitting for the kids. Got out for a 20 minute walk with the kids and dog in the afternoon. 10 burpees (the first few are feeling easier now, the last few are not).
June 11: Kids had good naps and I was thinking it would be a great time for some yoga, but I was waiting for the internet guy to come hook us up. Wasted the whole nap waiting. Went for a walk a bit later with kids and dog. 11 burpees.
June 12: Went to theYMCA, left kids in babysitting, did a small workout in the weight room. Ran 500m on the track, did some assisted pull-ups, sit ups, push ups and my 12 burpees for the day. Not sure this is where I want to go. It is a nice facility, but I really enjoyed getting to know other people at CrossFit in Red Deer, and I think with the size of the facility and the number of people that it will be difficult to do that here unless I get involved in a class. The drop in classes that work that I would be interested in doing don't seem to run a good time for my kids. (Either too early in the morning or early evening). I also have to pre-book the babysitting a couple days in advance, which while I am glad that they keep strict adult - infant- toddler ratios, makes it more difficult to go when its good for all of us. Whether that be at 9 one day or 10 the next. I have a whole week to try the facility out and maybe after that I will look at free trials other places. 
June 13: No burpees (13 extra for tomorrow) I really shouldn't save them until after dinner because I really don't want to do them at that point in the day.
June 14: Need to do 27 burpees. Ugh. That's alot. I broke the first 25 down into sets of 5, and did 5 squats and 5 sit ups with each round. It took 6:58 (not that it really matters how fast I did it). Miscalculated, 13 from yesterday + 14 from today is not 25. Gotta do 2 more. There Done! 27 burpees for days 13 and 14. 
June 15: Took LB for a short walk back to house from the park we went to after shopping with GeoDad and Monkey. Left my daily burpees until the very end of the day (9:42 pm and they aren't done yet, but 31 tomorrow seems daunting, so I am going to get them done). 15 burpees, plus some other ab exercises. Burpees are getting easier.. 15 days in and my form is getting closer to CrossFit standards. 

After the first full week in the house I realize that I am going to have to watch what I eat way more closely, as I am snacking with the kids (who both seem to eat all day long, but expend way more energy running/crawling/climbing/growing). Stress levels should be lower next week once our stuff arrives from Whitehorse.

Off to sew for a few minutes before bed.

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