Sunday, 8 September 2013

Happy Birthday Little Buddy

My sweet little LB turned one this week. We took him to the Calgary Zoo for the first time and then had some family over dinner and cake.
Devil's Food Cake with mixed berry icing for filling, oreo cookie crumb coated tire and sprinkles in the box of the truck

He had a grin while we sang to him. He loves to hear us singing. 

He smeared cake all over and then finished eating his potatoes from dinner. 

He thinks the Little People Parking Garage is for climbing on top of.

LB was pretty exhausted by the time we had cake and opened presents, but I think he had a good time. It has been a crazy busy year, but we all got through it. I wish him all best as a 1 year old and I am so excited to watch him learn and grow this year.

Kisses for LB

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