Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Week 24-27 Fitness & August Weight Update

I am not entirely sure what happened to August. It seems to have been frittered away. So instead of my usual quilting update today I am going to post my exercise/weight update. While I found that I did really well all of July with focusing on smaller portions and not snacking. I was stress eating again throughout August. Our house is for sale back in Whitehorse with no tenants in it. That means we are covering our rent in Calgary and the mortgage until it sells. I am definitely stressed about that.

Besides the house stuff being stressful, I am finding it hard to meet other moms/kids in my area of Calgary. We are only running one vehicle which is keeping me close to home as I have to walk anywhere I want to go. I know there are some community churches nearby that have play times during the school year, but that did not help me in August. Oh well.. hopefully soon I can find a place to take the kids to socialize more.

I am still working towards the 100 burpees of my 100 Day Burpee Challenge... but I am not going to finish on day 100 or day 105 ... I have been having trouble with my back again this last week. I picked LB up wrong or moved a box in the basement the wrong way last Wednesday and have been in major discomfort since. I am still trying to get out walking and have still been going to work, but with a major part of burpees being the pushup I am pretty sure I would get down to the ground and be stuck there with children crawling on me. I think a trip the chiropractor is in order, but I haven't found one here yet. I also feel like that if I didn't have to lift LB out of his crib first thing in the morning, the days would start off better.

As for the weight stats. I am down to 215 lbs (down 2 lbs since August 1, down 27 lbs total).  I have hardly been downstairs for the last couple days, and so I haven't done my measurements.

Here is what I have been up to since my last check in. I think that 60 burpees is a reasonable number to do in one day (4 sets of 15 is doable), but any more than that is a little ridiculous and makes my arms tired.

End of week 23
Aug 9: Walk with kiddos and dog, 65 burpees. Work in the evening.
Aug 10: 66 burpees.
Aug 11: 67 burpees.

Week 24:
Aug 12: 68 burpees. Walk with kiddos and dog. Work in the evening.
Aug 13: 69 burpees. Work in the evening.
Aug 14: 70 burpees. Walk with kiddos and dog. Tycho, the dog, is getting WAY better at walking on a leash. I have figured out the trick is to have her leash tied to my waist and only give her a couple feet of wiggle room. She also has to watch out for the stroller tire so she doesn't get run over.
Aug 15: 71 burpees.
Aug 16: 72 burpees. Work in the evening.
Aug 17: 73 burpees. Work all day.
Aug 18: 74 burpees.

Week 25:
Aug 19: 75 burpees. Walk with kiddos and dog. Work in the evening.
Aug 20: 76 burpees. Walk with kiddos and dog. Work in the evening.
Aug 21: 77 burpees. Walk with Monkey and the dog.
Aug 22: 78 burpees.
Aug 23: Feeling super run down and achy all over. I only finished 30 of the required 79 burpees. Not sure when I will make up the other 49... but I will figure that out before day 100. Worked in the evening.
Aug 24: Worked all day, then came home to do my 80 burpees.
Aug 25: Nice relaxing day at home with the kids and GeoDad. 81 burpees + 5 make up burpees for day 79.

Week 26:
Aug 26: 82 burpees. Walk with kiddos and dog. Work in the evening.
Aug 27: 83 burpees. Walk with kiddos and dog. Work in the evening.
Aug 28: 84 burpees.
Aug 29 - Sept 1: Ugh. Back is out again. It hurts to move and pick LB up out of his crib. I am still trying to get out walking to keep my back moving and I worked both Friday evening and Saturday.

Week 27:
Sept 2: LB's birthday event, we went to the Calgary Zoo. He was enthralled by the penguins and Monkey was more amused by sticks and rocks she found along the path than the animals. Nice long enjoyable walk. My mom got a pass for the year so I think we will try and get there more frequently.
Sept 3: Work in the evening. Still achy.
Sept 4: Not sure what I am going to do yet today, I am still finishing my coffee and getting breakfast for the kiddos. Today is LB's birthday and I will show a few photos later in the week when I get more organized with them.

Have a great month, and I hope that everyone reading is gearing up for a good school year. I hope that I    have maybe done a bit to inspire you to take a few minutes to do something healthy for yourself. I  am going to find more moms and kids to spend time with and will finish the silly burpee challenge. Then I am to work on finding a more varied fitness routine.  I am pleased that since starting to blog about my weight and keep track of what I am doing I have averaged a weight loss of 1lb/week. I am certainly not going to complain or get down on myself for the progress so far. Today is LB's first birthday and to be down 27lbs is a great start to meeting my original goals. With just needing to lose 3 lbs more to reach goal number 1, I think the next couple are totally achievable if I stay focused.

Thanks for stopping by to have a read.

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