Tuesday, 21 January 2014

WIP: Farmer's Wife and a Ipad Mini Cover

Last week I managed to take the whole week to finish sewing the new cloth diapers for LB, but now I have 8 covers made and in use. It was nice to get back sewing with cotton afterwards. Took a bit of time to sew for myself, and made 2 more Farmer's Wife Blocks. These ones were both paper pieced and pretty quick to put together. I now have 29 in total.

Block 5- Bat Wing
Block 1 - Attic Windows

I sort of gave my brother the shaft at Christmas, I had purchased fabric to make him an Ipad cover, only to find out that he sold his Ipad a few days before Christmas. I packed the fabric I picked for him into a box with a note saying I would make him the item of his choice. His wife bought him an Ipad Mini boxing day and he decided it would need a cover. So this past weekend I got going on that. I am using Terry Atkinson's Reader Wrap Pattern, with a few changes. I thought I would like to get this project done in time for his birthday, but that didn't happen.

Inside of the wrap

Lastly for the week, I have my last fat quarter and 0.4 m cut of white on white fabrics. I am declaring the white on white hexies close enough to done when I get through basting 56 hexies from FQ and 96 from the 0.4 m cut. This should bring the total to over 1500 and I can get to sewing them all together!

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