Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Work in Progress: Sept 18

I took a break from sewing Farmer's Wife blocks this last week so I could get GeoDad's birthday present together. He now has a fancy new double-sided apron and a pair of oven mitts. I should be able to call this a finish, but the thumbs in the oven mitts are very tight on him. I will be making at least one more that he doesn't have to pry them off.

I used the Man'Z Domain pattern from Wing and a Prayer. My favourite part of this pattern was the strap for hanging BBQ tools that sits as an accent piece in front of the pockets. We discussed using the pockets for beer and BBQ sauce. He is all set to grill.

The front, with pockets and tool hanging strap. Beer fabric from the Man Cave Line. Pocket is Kona Black

The back, no pockets and no beer fabric, perfect for the cooking greasy breakfast after a good BBQ night.

Monkey modeling the oven mitt.

I used 2 different breakfast  sandwich prints just to keep it interesting.

LB all covered in yogurt. This is the cheeky sort of grin I get when I look over at him while I type posts in the morning.

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Thanks for stopping by to see what I am up to. Have a great week everyone.


  1. You've inspired me . . . I need a new apron and oven mitts for my house full at thanks giving. Nice finishes.

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