Wednesday, 29 January 2014

WIP: More Farmer's Wife

It has been a fun week at my house, I got a new phone and it has a way better camera than the one I have been using. It has been fun playing with it and finding all sorts of new features and apps that my last phone couldn't handle. 

I finished the last Christmas present last weekend, and delivered it. Here is the completed Ipad Mini Case and Bag, the bag holds both the Ipad Cover and power cord. For more details about the crazy orange stripe read this.

I also delivered the Oink-a-Doodle Moo Baby Quilt to its new owner. Isn't he cute at 2 weeks old?

Since I was away all weekend, only bits of sewing have been done since. I have been continuing to work on the Farmer's Wife Blocks, with these 3 completed I have 32 in total.

Block 30 - End of Day
Block 29 - Economy
Block 77 - Seasons
Lastly for the week, I basted 60 hexies and sewed a row of white hexies together for my big hexagon quilt.

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Happy Wednesday

Friday, 24 January 2014

Measure Twice, Cut Once...

Measure Twice, Cut Once and Remember to include seam allowances. I finished my brother's Christmas gift, his Ipad Mini Cover.
Closed Ipad Mini Cover
Open Ipad Mini Cover
He had mentioned that it might be nice to have a bag to store his power cord in. I had a bit of the wood grain fabric left, and it looked like it might be enough to make a bag that would hold his power cord as well as the Ipad Mini Cover. 

I measured the Ipad Mini Cover. Twice. 
I cut and sewed the fabric together to make a piece big enough to work as a bag with a flap closer. 
I sewed the sides up, I sewed the flap. 

...Then I tried to get the cover into its fancy little pieced bag. It was about then that I realized I forgot to add seam allowances on the bag. The cover would barely squeeze in and I certainly wasn't going to get it in once there was a lining. I wasn't going to get a power cord in either. 

It was about then that I said some bad words and stormed out of my sewing room. 

I pondered the rest of the day what I was going to do to fix my little problem. 
I could have just ripped the seams and sewn some side panels in. But that would have been the easy thing to do, and the cover was already very improvised, so that seemed too planned and logical.

I felt like trying something completely new (to me anyway). So I ripped the side seams on the flap and bag sides, then sliced it all up at random angles. My brother is liking orange these days, so I found the most wild orange print in my stash and put strips of it all the angled slices, and sewed it all back together. 
Front, with the flap at the top
So my lesson of the week is to:

Measure Twice, Remember to add seam allowances, Cut Once

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

WIP: Farmer's Wife and a Ipad Mini Cover

Last week I managed to take the whole week to finish sewing the new cloth diapers for LB, but now I have 8 covers made and in use. It was nice to get back sewing with cotton afterwards. Took a bit of time to sew for myself, and made 2 more Farmer's Wife Blocks. These ones were both paper pieced and pretty quick to put together. I now have 29 in total.

Block 5- Bat Wing
Block 1 - Attic Windows

I sort of gave my brother the shaft at Christmas, I had purchased fabric to make him an Ipad cover, only to find out that he sold his Ipad a few days before Christmas. I packed the fabric I picked for him into a box with a note saying I would make him the item of his choice. His wife bought him an Ipad Mini boxing day and he decided it would need a cover. So this past weekend I got going on that. I am using Terry Atkinson's Reader Wrap Pattern, with a few changes. I thought I would like to get this project done in time for his birthday, but that didn't happen.

Inside of the wrap

Lastly for the week, I have my last fat quarter and 0.4 m cut of white on white fabrics. I am declaring the white on white hexies close enough to done when I get through basting 56 hexies from FQ and 96 from the 0.4 m cut. This should bring the total to over 1500 and I can get to sewing them all together!

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

WIP Wednesday: Odds and Ends

Starting the year off by finishing a quilt is a great feeling and I have been feeling super motivated in the sewing room. I spent some time on the weekend doing some cleaning and organizing. I put some nails in the studs of the unfinished walls to hang my rulers, and hung a small cabinet I had just above my ironing board so that I have a place to keep my iron where it won't get pulled on by little hands or be in the way on the cutting table (which is where it normally lives). I found a small set of 3 drawers and moved fabric bits for current project into 2 of the drawers and the third is filled with thread and extra pins and extra blades for my rotary cutter. In the process of doing this I also reorganized and stashed GeoDad's tools into a small cabinet and put all my work stuff for Discovery toys in cabinet. Then I had had enough cleaning and wanted to sew again, so the desk didn't actually get cleaned.
I hung my power bar too
The blue tote is screwed to the wall to hold scissors and cutters and my other pin cushion
3 organized drawers hiding in my mess that grew when I finished cleaning
So in between cleaning and playing with kiddos and work, I also made a couple things from start to finish. I made 4 more diaper covers for LB, as he has outgrown the ones I made in the spring (see info here). I made 10 of the medium size and took weeks and weeks because I was slow with having to sew at the dining room table. Getting 4 done in a week feels good, I think 4-6 more will be enough to get us through 2 days before I need to wash them.
I used the dino fabric for the other size, but the ducky print is new
Lastly, I took a break from basting white on white hexies when I saw that The HEXIE Blog was hosting a Block of the Month (BOM). Since I have totally caught the hexie bug and I would like to do something as a quicker than my queen sized hexagon quilt once in a while I thought I would dig in my stash and make the first block. The navy is something I got at the awesome fabric sale last spring in Red Deer, where everything was $1/m and proceeds were going to charity. I laid it out on some Micheal Miller Fairy Frost in Silver which I have saved for another project, but I really like it as the background for the snowflake. 

I have basted more of the white on white hexagons and the approximate total is 1300 (unless I have misplaced some, which is entirely possible at this point because it is a mess in the cabinet where I keep the finished ones).

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 Starting with a Finish

Happy New Year,
I am pleased that I made my goal of finishing one more project before the New Year. (While technically I finished this morning, it was 99% done when the clock hit 12 last night and 2014 started). So without further ado,

My Oink-A-Doodle Moo for Baby P Quilt is done. I made it for my best friend's new baby. Her due date is today, so I finished right on time.

The Front

The pieced back

Close Up

Oo... look at all that free motion quilting in the sashing and border. 

I'm loving the texture, hopefully baby will too.

Quilt Stats:
Date: Started Oct 3 and Finished Dec 31, 2013 (or really Jan 1, 2014)
Pattern: Original Design 
Size: 39.5" x 45"
Fabric: Oink-A-Doodle Moo by Moda Fabrics. Sashing is Henry Glass' Story Times Rhyme Yellow Dots. 
Thread: Pieced and quilted with 50wt Aurifil.  
Batting: Quilter's Dream Green Batting. This batting is made of recycled pop bottles which I think is pretty neat. 
Pieced: By me on my Grandma's Elna Sewing machine.  
Quilted: By me on my Grandma's Husqvarna Viking Sewing machine. Quilted using a walking foot, for stitch in the ditch around all the 2"squares and free motion quilted in sashing and borders.
Binding: I had lots of 2.5" squares left over when I got done making the top and backing, so I stitched them all together to make the binding. I love the pieced binding on this quilt. I also machine stitched the binding on rather than handsewing it on the back, I figured being a baby quilt it would be wise to make the edge as durable as possible.
Label: As of writing, I am undecided on label and placement. I think once the baby arrives I will add that as my final touch. 
Notes: This was my first big attempt at free motion quilting, I loved having the polka dots as a guide for spacing and turning. There is a huge difference between the first couple inches of sashing that I did and the last few. The stitches are way smoother and consistent in length, with the tension on the back getting more consistent as well. 

Thanks for stopping by to have a look. I wish you all the best in the New Year, with plenty of quilting, family time and fun.