Friday, 24 January 2014

Measure Twice, Cut Once...

Measure Twice, Cut Once and Remember to include seam allowances. I finished my brother's Christmas gift, his Ipad Mini Cover.
Closed Ipad Mini Cover
Open Ipad Mini Cover
He had mentioned that it might be nice to have a bag to store his power cord in. I had a bit of the wood grain fabric left, and it looked like it might be enough to make a bag that would hold his power cord as well as the Ipad Mini Cover. 

I measured the Ipad Mini Cover. Twice. 
I cut and sewed the fabric together to make a piece big enough to work as a bag with a flap closer. 
I sewed the sides up, I sewed the flap. 

...Then I tried to get the cover into its fancy little pieced bag. It was about then that I realized I forgot to add seam allowances on the bag. The cover would barely squeeze in and I certainly wasn't going to get it in once there was a lining. I wasn't going to get a power cord in either. 

It was about then that I said some bad words and stormed out of my sewing room. 

I pondered the rest of the day what I was going to do to fix my little problem. 
I could have just ripped the seams and sewn some side panels in. But that would have been the easy thing to do, and the cover was already very improvised, so that seemed too planned and logical.

I felt like trying something completely new (to me anyway). So I ripped the side seams on the flap and bag sides, then sliced it all up at random angles. My brother is liking orange these days, so I found the most wild orange print in my stash and put strips of it all the angled slices, and sewed it all back together. 
Front, with the flap at the top
So my lesson of the week is to:

Measure Twice, Remember to add seam allowances, Cut Once

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