Friday, 20 June 2014

Get Fit Fridays: #2

This week had way less exercise and way more quilting and geophysics work. Oh well. 
GeoDad and I went to the gym together on Sunday, and the kids got to play in the Kids Club they have on site. Then it was pouring rain all week. 
It's not that I can't bike in the rain... So much as I have to cross a creek 3 times to get home if I bike to work. That creek had major flooding this time last year so I wasn't going to risk having to take a detour  12km into my ride home. I did get out biking today when the rain stopped.

Week stats.
Biked 13km
Gym once

Put on a lot of steps side to side to longarm quilt my first quilt. (I know it doesn't count but it sure was fun).

Have a great weekend

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