Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Annoyances in the sewing room

I had a small crisis in my sewing room over the weekend. Not huge and life threatening, just minor and irritating. It has since been resolved, but I am still mulling over its consequences. It has also forced me to consider a better storage method some of my things, since it would be very annoying if this were to happen again.

So here is what was happening when the small crisis occurred.
I was busy sewing away on the secret project and had finally completed the background onto which I am appliquéing the 48 shapes I have cut out of fusible web and sewn onto fabric. I had previously decided that I did not want to use blanket stitch or satin stitch to hold my appliqué shapes in place so I had purchased some invisible thread. I was ready to rethread the sewing machine and get sewing my first shape onto the background, when lo and behold the invisible thread was nowhere to be found.

This is about when I started to panic, thinking, 'Of all the thread I could misplace, I had to misplace the invisible stuff... Invisible things are notoriously difficult to find, GRRR. This is annoying and is going to set me back for a bit while I go on the hunt'. So I went looking in all my normal spots where I keep thread; I checked the handsewing basket upstairs, I checked my storage cupboards, I checked the box I had been keeping the fabric for the secret project in, but I did not find it. I wondered if Monkey had managed to get her hands on it (and if she did, surely it would be hidden at the bottom of a toy box, never to be seen again). 

I continued to look, and eventually I did indeed find the invisible thread, it had been in my purse since the day I bought it. I was relieved both that it had been found and that, although it is called invisible thread, when it is on the spool it is very visible.

The other annoyance in the sewing room is at myself for not checking what I was buying more carefully a few weeks ago as I started on the secret project. The pattern calls for lightweight fusible interfacing, I bought fusible web. This are not easily interchangeable. The lightweight fusible interfacing I should have bought has glue on one side. The fusible web is a 2 -sided web of glue with a paper backing, the paper backing is giving me lots of trouble because it is not suppose to be in my seams, but I can't keep the shapes I am working with the right shape without the support of the paper. But once the first side it glued and the shape stiched onto the background, it is proving to be rather difficult to get all the paper off.

Anyway, on to happier things in the sewing room. Despite having some issues I have 21 of the 48 shapes stitched onto the background. I think at this rate I am going to need to decide on backing fabric asap. Here is sneak peak of a few of the shapes sewn onto the background (can you see the invisible thread?)
Yep that's right, the slightly shiny line on the dark brown is the invisible thread.

As for the silly little hexagons... 44 flowers completed. I hope to get them on the design wall this weekend to come up with an arrangement, so I can decide if the will be appliquéd onto a background or if I will make more hexagons for the background.

That's all for this week. Sorry for the lack of photos, I have worked 3 out of the last 5 days and we went to the Calgary Stampede. It has kept me busy busy busy. 

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