Monday, 1 July 2013

Week 16 & 17 & June Weigh in.

Life has been crazy the last little while getting settled into the new house and new routines. I haven't found a gym yet, instead I am enjoying being able to get out in the yard with the kids. Calgary is so big that I feel like it is a 'project' to go out, and having to book several days ahead to get kids into babysitting at gym for 1 hour doesn't work great right now with LB napping early in the morning and again shortly after noon. Monkey's napping isn't helping out either, she either has a 3 hour afternoon nap, or no nap at all, and I haven't figured out which it will be on a day to day basis. I am trying to make time for exercise while the kids nap, however, there are lots of other things that need my cleaning, laundry, etc. I have had a goal to get out for a walk with the kids and dog everyday, but we had a week of crazy rain and this last week Monkey has been throwing fits if I make her wear pants. It makes leaving the house much more difficult. To add to the chaos I found some part time work at sewing/quilting store. It will be a few evenings a week and the odd weekend shift. So far I think it will be nice to get out of the house and talk with adults for a while. I am enjoying being the 100 day burpee challenge and I am finding it is doing a good job of getting me moving and getting my heart rate up.

Anyway, the house is all unpacked, the flood is over, I have started my job, maybe now we get in a routine of walking or biking everyday?

Here is what I have been doing with the last couple weeks.

June 16: We got a truck full of stuff to the new house. Carried it all in with the help of friends and family. Moving is exhausting. We own way too much stuff.
June 17: You will note I did not do any burpees yesterday. 33 for today. Plus all the work of unpacking everything we moved in. Unpacked our scale this morning, and just out of curiosity I stepped on it. 226 lbs not sure what the difference between our scale at the one at my Mom's is. But I am pleased. This brings my weight loss to 16 lbs. 
June 18: 18 burpees. Nothing else. Exhausted from moving.
June 19: Less exhausted, 19 burpees. No outside adventures, Calgary is having a massive rain storm.
June 20: Rainstorm continues. 20 burpees.
June 21: 100 000 people evacuated in Calgary due to flooding. Pretty happy I am not one of them. 21 burpees. Life is somewhat normal other than wateruse is being voluntarily restricted. 21 Burpees.
June 22: Bridal shower for my sister is law. Long drive out of town to get there because almost all the bridges are closed. Didn't do my burpees.
June 23: Return to Calgary, roads open again, water levels going down. 22 burpees from yesterday plus 23 from today. Ugh. 45 total sucks. I am not skipping a day again, its too hard to do the make up burpees.

June 24: 24 burpees at nap time.
June 25: 25 burpees at nap time.
June 26: 26 burpees at nap time. Walk with kiddos and dog. First day at my new job.
June 27: Tired from being on my feet at work. Avoided the burpees all day.
June 28: 55 burpees, 27 from yesterday and 28 from today. Did them in sets of 10 and cleaned bathrooms in between. It made 55 burpees seem less horrible and made for a nice break between each of the bathrooms.
June 29: 29 burpees. Feeling like a 30-day burpee challenge would have been a better choice, oh well. 100 days it is. I will keep going.
June 30: 30 burpees completed in 2 sets of 15.

July 1: Happy Canada Day! 31 burpees. We got the bike trailer set up this weekend and I went for my first ride towing Monkey. We didn't go far or fast, but I am super excited to get out biking more. We will need a helmet for LB, but it might be difficult to find one since he is only 10 months old.

And now for the numbers,
Weight: 225 lbs, down 5 lbs since May 30, down 17 lbs total
Chest: 35 inches (down 1 inch since May 1, down 2 inch total)
Waist: 38 inches (down 1 inches from May 1, down 4 inches total)
Hips: 50 inches (no change from May 1, down 1 inch total)

Pesky hips are slow to lose weight and inches. 
I went shopping for work clothes, and for the first time in 2 years I have some clothes that aren't yoga pants and t-shirts. This shirt was my favourite of the bunch. I feel like I have a waist again!! 

Glad you are all still reading after all these weeks. I would love to hear what you are doing for your health this summer. 


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