Monday, 25 February 2013

Excuses, Excuses: Part 1: Why I have not got anywhere on my New Year's Resolutions

Like most people when the clock struck 12:00am on January 1st, I kissed a loved one (GeoDaddy) and pondered the coming year. What would change through the year, what would stay the same, goals, ambitions, and resolutions.

As a couple our goal is to not get pregnant this year. (Laugh if you want, but I had my kids 15 months apart and they are both still under 2).

Personally my resolutions were to get in better shape again and lose all the weight I gained during my pregnancies. 

So how I am doing on these goals? Crappy. 

Now for my list of excuses:

1. I don't get enough sleep, and am too tired to get out walking/exercising.
2. To go to the gym for 45 minutes takes me nearly 2 hours if I take the kids to the childminding center there. 
3. Kiddos inconvenient nap schedule. LB needs a 1-2 hour(s) morning nap starting between 8 and 10 depending what time he wakes up. Monkey needs a 2 hour nap at noon-ish. LB's second nap happens around 2-3 hours after the first one, which is often right near the end of Monkey's nap. LB needs a third nap between 4 and 5. So to sum up, the good times of day for me to go places with kiddos is anytime before 8 am or after 3 pm. 
4. Limited options for what to do with kiddos before 8 am. After 3pm most places have too many 'big' kids and my toddler gets overwhelmed.
5. Nursing LB. He nurses about every 2 hours. Makes the time windows for going places short. Very difficult to keep up with Monkey while LB is nursing. 
6. Hard to get outside for walking because my double stroller that is good on snow is at home, and I am staying at my Mom's. I also can't handle walking my dog, Tycho, and pushing the stroller because Tycho thinks she is sled dog and is terrible on a leash.
7. I am a stress eater. I know this. I want chocolate when Monkey is acting her age. Almost the 'terrible twos'. 
8. I would rather sit and drink coffee than go through the fight of getting kiddos dressed to go anywhere. (And listen to the tantrum if we come back too soon)
9. I don't like exercising in the evening/ the neighborhood I'm in isn't great for walking in at night.
10. I feel guilty taking 'me' time when the kids are awake.
and once in a while...
11. I don't want to go exercise because my gym clothes are dirty from last time.

Ok enough excuses for one post. I am going to go exercise and then write out my plan of how to achieve my goals.


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