Thursday, 14 February 2013

The first blog

For someone who hated writing all through school I never thought I would be one to start a blog... but alas here I am. I have been spending the last couple months caring for my kids (more about them later) and when I get a few spare moments cruising the internet looking at fabric, patterns, quilts and other sewing projects that I would love to tackle someday. This has led me to a ton of really cool blogs by other sewers and quilters. I have found some great tutorials and some general tips. Anyway, since I want to be cool too I think I should be blogging about my quilting/sewing and some of the other things that occupy my life.

Monkey out in the snow
First off, I am currently a stay at home mother of 2. My daughter, nicknamed Monkey, is 20 months. She is strong willed, strong tempered, a poor sleeper and generally exhausting, but she more than makes up for the trying things in cuteness and smiles. My son, nickname LB, is 5 months. He is a great little baby, lots of smiles, lots of cooing and he thinks his sister is great and funny to watch. His downfall is his gassiness which wakes him up too early most mornings (I know if he ever reads this he won't be impressed that I talked about it). 
LB laying on his playmat
The ridiculously remote place I was when I figured out I was pregnant

In my former life, before kids, I was a exploration geophysicsist in Northern Canada. I worked mostly outdoors and mostly in very remote areas. Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and a fair bit in Alaska.  In 2009, I had a long job in Alaska, the conditions were miserable, but one of my coworkers helped me keep my sanity by being funny, smart and taking care of me when I got bad flu. Over the course of the 3 months together in camp we went from being pals to much more. Anyway... fast forward to 2010, I had another job with him in Alaska and more miserable conditions. I had moved in with him in Whitehorse, and we talked about starting a family. We got a dog, then I went back to NWT for another field job. A few days into that job I started feeling very nauseous, and the talk about starting a family was coming into reality. GeoDad continues to do field work in the exploration industry, but I hung up my hiking boots for some desk work before Monkey arrived. 

One panel of Monkey's curtains
In the weeks leading up Monkey's arrival, I was at home and decided I needed a hobby. I had sewed a bit in high school, but nothing since. I took a quilting class and made a table runner that has only been on our table a couple times. But it gave me enough of a refresher on my sewing machine that I was able to make curtains for Monkey's room.  

So anyway, the quilting class and making curtains got me hooked. After Monkey was a few months old and I was starting to feel closer to human again (from getting more sleep) I found I needed 'non-baby' activities to occupy some of my time. Some geophysics work and some quilting kept me occupied until LB arrived this last fall. I made a quilt for our bed, GeoDad even helped pick the fabric.
The queen sized quilt I tackled on my second quilting project
There, now we are mostly caught up in my sewing/quilting history and you have a brief intro into my life. Some other topics I may cover in this blog are cooking/baking, exercising, coffee, dogs, more coffee, parenting, science, geology and books, I do enjoy reading when I am not doing all the other things I do.

Bye for now

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