Monday, 22 April 2013

Fishy Peasant Dress

As I was sewing last night I remembered why I haven't sewn any clothes since taking Fashion Studies in high school. I don't enjoy how accurate you have to be with your seam allowances/pressing/heming/etc, or how much pinning is required. I don't really like pinning. But anyway, I got through it, and I am sure I will make more skirts and dresses for Monkey because I have a few more ideas and lots more fabric.

Anyway, here is the completed Fishy Peasant Dress for my niece L. It is a little late for her birthday, but it will get to her later this week. I can't wait to see how it looks with a cute little 2 year old in it (and I sure hope it fits, maybe Monkey will have to try it on for me, but then I run the risk of not getting her out of it and it getting dirty).

No more sewing days for me until the weekend. I am headed back north to pack our house/move out/find a tenant so that we can get organized to live in the big city down south. 

Have a great week and hopefully spring will come while I am gone and we can be done with the miserable wet snow we keep getting.


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