Sunday, 7 April 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Well I thought spring was on its way... but last night we got a couple inches of new snow to cover all the brown grass showing in the yard. I am not impressed. Oh well.

Last weekend we had Easter dinner at my Mom's (on her new cork laminate dining room floor). Monkey and LB are both loving the new floor as they have more space to play and explore (the old floor was 100 years old, and in rough shape). We also rearranged the furniture and both the living room and dining room feel way more spacious. We still need to get baseboards back on, but they need to be sanded and stained, which is more of an outside project with little ones in the house.

As for sewing this week, I made a bib for Monkey and she is loving it. If it gets wiped down after a meal it isn't usually dry for the next one, so I think I need to make a couple more, but they were pretty quick and easy. Success! It kept tomato soup off her shirt!

 I finished 4 more diapers as well, bringing my total to 8, which is enough to get LB through a normal day. I am not sure I will use the cloth at night because I would need to change him about every 4 hours and I don't want to wake him if he is sleeping (which is not an issue right now, he is not sleeping well at all). I learned today that the diapers also fit Monkey, so it would be good if I had them both wearing cloth all day and only do disposables at night when they need more absorbency.  

Handsome man in his cloth diaper.

I have basted a few more hexies, but not very many and I don't know how many are done now. 

Lastly, I have been drafting my first quilt block pattern. I can tell you that it is going to be a paper pieced block, and it is nerdy. I won't say more about it now because it deserves a post all of it's own and I hope to get started on sewing a trial block tonight. It should be interesting because I have never sewn a paper pieced block (maybe someone wiser would try sewing one first based on someone else's pattern before starting to draft a pattern of their own). 


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