Wednesday, 14 January 2015

WIP Wednesday: Handsewn Holiday and Wedding Prep

Since my last post sewing has been happening (just very slowly) as December was busy until Christmas and then we went away on holidays. Since getting back I have been trying to get projects finished but I am also less than 60 days away from being a married lady (ack.. so much left to do!) so there has been more wedding prep than sewing.

First off, before Christmas I managed to piece and put borders on 2 paper pieced blocks designed by Some Archaya from Both the piano and the electric guitar came together very nicely despite being a crazy amount of pieces. The plan was to have these quilted into pillows in time for a wedding gift but I was too exhausted to finish before the event. They will receive them before they have been married a month though, so that should be just fine.

I found that not wanting to baste in my unfinished basement was a big hurdle, but I finally bit the dust and did it last weekend. Since then I have been quilting pillow tops and backs. Echo quilting around the guitar and piano and then just simple lines in the borders.

Also just before Christmas I did a small commission project. A simple diaper cover, suspenders and bowtie for a friend's son's first birthday. She wanted to do a cake smash photo shoot and have him all dressed up. It was pretty quick once I got going and she loved it. 

Just after Christmas we went away to the mountains and I had a lovely time hand sewing all week. I sewed whole new block for Project Seventy-Two as well as 2 setting triangles. I was a little short on fabric but managed to finish a day after getting back. I also ran out of half-hexie papers for English Paper Piecing and had to scavenge out of the middle of the block to finish the edges and setting triangles.

This block brings the total to 4 blocks and I am finally starting to think about the bigger picture and what I want this quilt to look like. But I am not ready to share what that is just yet. All I can tell you is that I need ALOT more half hexagon papers and way more time. 

Finally, I have been slowly sewing away on my wedding flowers. I have about 30 completely done, and another 35-40 sewn that don't have centers yet. I have no idea how many I actually need for each bouquet, but for sure I need 5 bouquets and some extras for boutonnieres and corsages. 

Once pillows are done for my cousin it will be time to make a flower girl dress for Monkey and a ring bearer pillow for LB to carry. I am very excited to start on both projects and hope to have them both done by mid-February so I can relax for the month before the wedding.

Thanks for having a look and Happy New Year!


  1. Beautiful work so far....can't wait to see how they all come together.

  2. I love those musical pillows. That thin band of gold makes them pop so well! Great colors in your EPP and those flowers are a great idea for bouquets. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  3. Those wedding flowers really look intriguing. Don't forget to take photos of the bouquets to show up - you may be quite busy the closer you get to your wedding date. Enjoy!

  4. Your paper pieced blocks are amazing - sew many details. Glad to see another project 72 block - they look fantastic with your setting triangles.


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