Friday, 15 February 2013

My children drive me to

Now don't go getting yourselves in a huff because I am mother who drinks because of her kids. I do have days where I think a beer would be great at the end but they generally drive me to drink coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

As I mentioned in my first post, Monkey is not a good sleeper and LB is gassy in the mornings. Last night was both and one of our worst night in a couple months. Here is how it went:

7:30 - LB into bed and asleep
8:00 - Monkey gets ready for bed
8:45 - Monkey finally asleep
10:00 - GeoDad went to bed
10:30 - GeoMama went to bed after nursing LB
1:00 am - LB nurses, Monkey wakes up (Grandma sits with her for a few minutes, until I go in)
2:00ish - Monkey still awake... wants to go potty. Pees in the toilet. Lays back down in her bed, wants to hold my hand. Tosses and turns
3ish - Monkey still awake. LB wakes and wants to nurse again. Too gassy to lay back down. I sit holding Monkey's hand in her bed with LB on my lap sitting until he falls asleep.
4ish - Monkey asleep. LB asleep. Ahh, I get to go back to bed at last.
4:10 - Monkey awake again. Too thirsty and hungry to stay sleeping I guess. I get her a glass of water and a banana. She enjoys both and wants to go potty again. Finally she is ready to lay back down and try sleeping again.
4:50 Monkey asleep. I crawl into bed.
5:00 - LB wakes up. Grunty/gassy/needs to poop. I try to settle him and cuddle him in our bed. No luck
5:30 Take LB downstairs and let him play on his tummy on the floor. He poops, a bit. Still gassy and now wide awake.
6:00 I turn on some Baby Einstein for LB, this way he can sit still on my lap and maybe get tired.
6:30ish LB and I finally fall asleep on the couch.
7:45am Monkey wakes up, GeoDad gets her breakfast and sends me up to bed. LB stays awake.
9ish - GeoDad brings LB up to me to nurse and have a nap.
11:20am - LB wakes up from his nap. I figure it is probably time for me to get up and start the day.

Needless to say my 2.5 hours of sleep at the beginning of the night and my 4 hours in morning don't add up to a proper night of sleep. I need coffee.

It turns out that sleep as broken as last nights can't be fixed by a single cup of coffee... GeoDad and I finished one pot since I got up and he is out on a coffee run for some lattes.

GeoMama is off to drink another cup of coffee before kiddos wake up from their naps.


  1. What about GeoDaddy? How did he fair through this?

    1. GeoDaddy didn't sleep enough and he didn't get to go back to bed. Kind of a rotten deal for him.


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