Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Poor Elna

Elna Supramatic  
I have been using my Grandma's Elna Supramatic Sewing Machine since coming to visit my mom. The  thing is a beast.

57 years old and still running great... or was running great.

I managed to break the gear on the rotary hook (the thing that goes around the bobbin to catch the lower thread). Sewing machines are just big paper weights without a rotary hook, so I have taken it to the repair shop.

Good news, it can be fixed. Bad news, it will be about a month before I am sewing with it again. They don't keep parts in stock for machines this old.

Anyway, here are some of the good things about the Elna:
Knee control... way smoother and easier in my opinion than a foot pedal
Power ... this machine can handle anything.. lots of layers of flannel
Color ... industrial green just screams awesome
Cam disc system to get different stitches
Age ... it is 57 years old.
History ... My Grandma bought it before she was married. $300 dollars was almost 2 months salary for her. It was a top of the line machine. My mom and her sisters all learned to sew on it.

Cam discs that guide the machine on how to stitch the different stitches
Anyway, over the next little bit I will have to find something else to keep me occupied.


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