Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Birthday Skirt: Part 2

In part 1 I told you I had cut various widths of striped green and pink fabric. I had a cunning plan to sew them together in a simple 2 color bargello style pattern. I executed the cunning plan without thinking through all the math that I should have. Here is the result:

It was at about 11 last night when I got to this point. I was ready to jump into making a simple lining, sewing the ends together, hemming and putting elastic in the waist. I was thinking woohoo, I am going to get this done before bed.

Then LB woke up and needed me for a few minutes. As I sat with him I got to thinking about the actual dimensions of this great green and pink thing. It is 23 inches long and about 18 wide. Plenty long enough for a waist band and hem for a toddler skirt, but Monkey's waist is about 19 or 20 inches around. Sure if I sew the ends together it will fit around her, but it will fit like a straight jacket and she won't be able to walk (which may be very funny for a few minutes, but not a good long term idea)

My first reaction included words that I shouldn't say or type. My second reaction was that I needed to find a quick and easy solution. Perhaps just adding a solid section that would make it wide enough for her to move in. Or perhaps I needed this piece to be a skirt front and I would just need to make a back panel. Quick and easy way would be a single piece either pink or green. Or I should just put in the time to make what I originally had planned and make more strips, sew them together, and cut them into various widths. 

Any sewers reading this your comments would be greatly helpful in finding a solution to my lack of planning.



  1. As a non-sewer I vot for adding a solid pink or green section for her birthday skirt. Then doing another skirt later (maybe in different colours??) with the same pattern so you can feel like you kicked your pattern's bum. Is that how sewers think?


    1. I like that idea. But I think that I would feel like I took the easy way out every time she wore the skirt. I am working on making the back section the same as the front.

  2. I say do a couple more green and pink strips that are tapered so that the waist stays approximately the same but the hem increases by several inches. One thing you could do then is to split the existing piece in half and put a tapered strip on either side so that there is a tapered one off each hip...this would make it symmetrical and a lot less noticeable.


    1. I like that idea... maybe on the next one I make I will try tapered strips. I can't wait for you to see it on Monkey this weekend.


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