Sunday, 21 July 2013

Week 18 - 20 Fitness, Month #2 of burpees.

July is flying by this year. I have had so much going on outside of exercising, between attending the Calgary Stampede Rodeo and a stagette and working 3 to 4 days a week. I am finding it more challenging to blog and keep up on laundry, housework, sewing, etc. The good news is that despite all this craziness my stress levels are going way down (and so are my chocolate cravings).

When I started out blogging back in February and set my goals, I had a deadline of sorts to be reaching some of them. That deadline is my brother's wedding, which is just a short 2 weeks away now. Part of my goal was to lose weight and get in shape again. I can officially say that I have made big progress on both those things. 20 weeks ago I weighed 242 lbs, and today I am down to 220 lbs. 22 lbs GONE with 2 more weeks to go until wedding, and lots more time to lose more after that.

I think the biggest difference the last couple weeks, is all the moving stress finally ending (along with the stress eating that I struggle with). The 100-day burpee challenge that I started before moving to Calgary has been my daily exercise, and although it doesn't take much time every day, it does get my heart rate way up when I do it. I passed the halfway point of this challenge yesterday and it felt great to know that I am capable of doing 50 burpees and I believe by the end of the 100 days, 100 will be possible too. I think being on my feet at work isn't all bad either.

Anyway, here is what I have been doing fitness wise in July.

July 2: Walk with kiddos and dog. 32 burpees.
July 3: Walk with kiddos and dog. 33 burpees.
July 4: 34 burpees.
July 5: 35 burpees. Walk with kiddos and dog to the grocery store.
July 6: On my feet all day at work, then 36 burpees after dinner.
July 7: 37 burpees, short walk with kiddos and dog.

Week 19
July 8: 38 burpees. First day of leaving the kids with a babysitter for an couple hours so I go to work before GeoDad got home.
July 9: Only got 30 of 39 burpees done before I went to the Calgary Stampde Rodeo with GeoDad. Left the kids with a babysitter for almost 7 hours (which is definitely a record for me). I worked in the evening, making it a very long day.
July 10: 40 burpees for today, plus the 9 I missed yesterday. I did some with Monkey in the yard, which led to her crawling onto my back and making me crawl around the yard while she said 'Neigh Neigh'
July 11: 41 burpees.
July 12: 42 burpees. Sister-in-law-to-be's stagette. We did a Chair Tease Dance class, rode around in a limo and then danced our butts off at local bar. It was a great night.
July 13: Recovering from the stagette, not as young as I used to be... still did my 43 burpees after getting back to Calgary.
July 14: Worked all day, 44 burpees when I got home.

Week 20
July 15: Worked the whole afternoon and evening (much too long seems I was feeling behind on stuff at home). GeoDad convinced me to do my burpees when I got home from work. So 45 Done!
July 16: Feeling a cold coming on, pounding headache all morning, did 20 burpees before I napped at the same time as the kids. Worked in the evening. I did not finish the other 26 burpees for the day. :(
July 17: Still feeling under the weather. Spread the 26 burpees from yesterday and the 47 from today out over the whole day. But I got all 73 done and I am pleased that I made it.
July 18: 48 burpees. Pleased to report that I can do 3 sets of 16 and not be totally drenched in sweat after the first 16.
July 19: 49 burpees. Work in the evening.
July 20: Half way point of the burpee challenge. I challenged myself to do 2 sets of 25 today. With a short break in the middle of each set the time for 25 burpees was about 4 minutes. I am feeling stronger and more agile. Also, my arms are looking good.
July 21: 51 burpees. Wander around a mall while GeoDad got a haircut, pushing the kiddos in a cart.

Thanks for continuing to read and support me.


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