Friday, 5 June 2015

I Married GeoDad! Part 2: The Peppermint Swirl Dress

A while before wedding plans got rolling I came across a beautiful pattern for a little girl's dress. It was called the Peppermint Swirl Dress by Candy Castle Patterns. I was in love and thought that Monkey would be too.

After we pick the tuxedos for the GeoDad and Groomsmen I decided to make Monkey's dress in pink and gray. Since I was using Art Gallery Fabrics  Nature's Elements and Floral Elements for the wedding flowers (see previous post for those photos and info), I thought it would be nice to have Monkey in the same fabrics. The dress uses a ton of fabric, and takes lots of time but it is so worth it.

Photo Credit: Digital Path

Photo Credit: Digital Path
Monkey adores her twirly-whirly dress and asks to wear 3 or 4 days a week. She is getting tons of use out of it.

It's a little girl's dream dress, the twirling never ends.
I will say that the amount of time and fabric is totally worth it because she loves wearing it. Also, I may have turned my daughter into a dress/skirt snob; no others are twirly-whirly enough, and she will occasionally throw a tantrum if she puts on another dress and tests it twirl and it doesn't measure up. 

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