Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Sporadic Handsewing

Every once in a while I manage to get myself organized enough to do some hand sewing. I have been slowly making blocks for Project Seventy-Two and I have even come up with a more solid plan of what I will do them.

Project Seventy-Two is an English Paper Piecing project that I am designing myself. The name comes from the basic requirement I have given myself for each block in the design, as each block contains 72 half-hexagons. Maybe when I am all done I will have a more clever name, but for now this is what it will be. I am also making setting triangles out of half-hexagons to put between the blocks. The half-hexagons have 1 inch sides and the full blocks are 6 inches on each side.

Block 5 - Cube (The first one with a name)

Block 6 
Block 6 was sewn completely in one weekend while I was away without the kids, it felt great to finish something so quickly. It was a fun one to sew up and has made me want to make more of than one of these blocks every 2 or 3 months.

Here are the first 6 all together, bottom row is sewn together and top row is still in pieces because making new blocks is more fun than joining them.

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I am posting progress photos of these blocks on Instagram: @geomamaquilts



  1. I just love the multitude of designs and all with the same # of half-hexies!! I particularly like the star effect of block 6.
    PS - I don't know that I would change the name...fits perfect to me!

  2. How fun!!! What an exciting challenge! 72 pieces!


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