Saturday, 6 June 2015

Tranquility: A Quilt Finish

 After our wedding GeoDad and I figured things would be a breeze, our basement was going to be repaired and re-finished and we no longer had to plan a wedding. Anyway, life has funny way of giving people a big middle finger when you start thinking that way and throws curve balls in your face.

Shortly after the wedding life happened.

Anyway, there is nothing about the situation that I can change myself. So I did what quilters around the world do. I sewed.

I took an afternoon off work and pieced most of a quilt top.
Spent the next week of evenings adding borders and making a backing.

Then spent 11 hours on the rental longarm at my LQS quilting.

It took about a week to get binding sewn on.
And this is the biggest quilt I have ever made and it took start to finish less than 3 weeks. (A bit of a whirlwind if you will and I had a deadline, it was getting on plane with me to be gifted to someone when I arrived). 

The embroidered label is simple, it says "May this bring you tranquility where ever you are."

Quilts Stats:
Name: Tranquility
Pattern: Majestic Beauties by Daphne B.
Fabrics: All from the Majestic Beauties Collection for Willington Prints
Size: 96"x98"
Quilted by me on a rental Handi Quilter Fusion 24
Thread: Pieced using Presencia 60wt,
Quilting top thread Isacord Embroidery thread, color Old Gold,
Quilting Bob Thread Wonderfil DecoBob in light grey
Notes: The pantograph I used was called Peacock Palm, it seemed fitting and I wanted it to have feathers, but have never quilted feathers before. The pantograph was very forgiving because nothing had to line up to closely. I didn't realize how much quilting it would be when I started. It is quite dense for a pantograph and very time consuming for such a large quilt. I used more than 2 km of thread between the top and bottom threads for the quilting on this one.

The quilt was gifted to half of the couple it was intended for while the other was out of the country. Now that they have both seen it they are planning sheets and decor to match. I know it will be treasured and I hope it brings them tranquility. 


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