Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My New Best Friends: Sam, Jeff, Anthony and Murray

Any other parents of small children probably know who I am talking about. For everyone else, I am talking about The Wiggles. The Wiggles are 4 Australian men who sing, dance, tell nursery rhymes, dress up in silly costumes and bring huge smiles to Monkey's face.
They have cds, dvds, tv shows, live shows, and merchandise. I bought one of their DVDs (Sing a Song of Wiggles) on iTunes and it has got us through many a cranky post-nap time. It has been nice to find something that I don't mind listening to repeatedly. Most things geared at toddlers has annoying voices/characters/songs whereas the The Wiggles DVD has mostly nursery rhymes that I remember from when I was little; much more tolerable.

I have learned some new songs to sing to the kids and Monkey has learned some sweet dance moves! She dances to a song called Joni Works with One Hammer. Here is a short video:

The only downside to listening to nursery rhymes nearly everyday is that I when I wake up in the night to tend to LB I have silly little songs stuck in my head on repeat. Small price to pay for having a much happier toddler.

Monkey is waking up so it is almost time to go hang out with my new best friends.


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