Friday, 15 March 2013

Week 2 and 3 Fitness Update

I am fast approaching 3 weeks since I decided that I needed to change things in my life so that I could get in shape, lose my baby weight and feel healthier. So far I am succeeding in getting daily exercise, some of my eating habits are improving (no chocolate cake... but I can't say so much for pie, I did have some yesterday because it was Pi Day). The exercise is feeling great (a few sore spots, but nothing I can't handle). I think I am sleeping better and needing less coffee.

Here is what I have done for the last 2 weeks:

Week 2
March2: Recovery after my first crossfit class was a 45 minute walk with GeoDaddy, kids and dog at the off leash area.
March3:Recovery again. Too many squats, and jerks at CrossFit. Hamstrings and quads still grumpy. Walk in the park with Brother & Fiancé, kids and dogs.
March4:Finally not sore from CrossFit. 40 minute online pilates class (myyogaonline).
March5:CrossFit WOD - AMRAP(As many reps as possible) in 10 minutes: Row 50 Calories, 5 dumbbell thrusters and 3 burpees - 7 rounds completed.
March6:20minute walk with kids to CrossFit for my babysitting shift. 10 minute abs workout with Monkey as resistance on my legs
March7:CrossFit WOD - Box squats (35lbs) 5x3 -30 Wall balls and 90 skips (time 4:37) - my skipping skills need work, I am not very good at box squats either
March8: 30minute online Restorative yoga class - not very focused. I wanted to give up exercising because my armpits and shins were sore from CrossFit.
March9:45minute online fusion yoga class

Week 3
March10:Walk with kiddos, GeoDad and dog at off leash area. Super slow walk because Monkey wanted to walk the whole way pointing at all the dogs we saw and saying 'Dog'.
March11:CrossFit WOD - 4 rounds of 1000m rowing - I rowed 4000m in 23:40! Pretty excited that I could do it.
March12:Hour walk with LB and dog at off leash area. 45 minute walk with Monkey in the park by the house. Monkey and I practiced running, but my running was very very short fast steps so I wouldn't get too far ahead.
March13: 45 minute online yoga fusion class
March14: CrossFit 85% Bench press 5 rounds of 3. 75lbs. WOD: Rounds of 60 skips, %30 sit ups (10), 15 kettlebell swings (8lbs) - Completed 4 rounds in 13:06
March15:Bought myself a skipping rope, turns out the ones I had been trying to skip with at crossfit were too short (I am 5'10), maybe now my skipping skills will improve. Walk with dogs and my mom in the park while GeoDad put Monkey to bed for night. I thought a evening walk would work for us, but LB woke up just after I left the house and then neither kid would go to sleep for GeoDad for half an hour. I have to rethink the evening walk, plus it was cold and dark in the park.

Thanks for reading. It is been good motivation to know that people are reading and encouraging me in these goals.


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