Sunday, 31 March 2013

Week 4 and 5 Fitness Update

Week 4 and 5 Fitness has been a little more sporadic than the first 3 weeks. The last couple days were busy with the living room and dining room getting new cork laminate flooring installed. I spent lots of the 2 days, packing up stuff and unpacking it again after the floor was done. This meant my yoga space was unusable and kids needed to be carefully watched and contained to other rooms in the house.

Here is what I have been up to:

March16: Bikram Hot Yoga (90 minutes) - I tried doing Bikram a couple times between having Monkey and getting pregnant with LB. The room is 105 F, with 40% humidity - you pretty much start sweating when you enter. It feels brutal when you are doing it, but there is a definitely a exercise high at the end when you realize that you made it through.
March17:I was a slacker today. I did some toddler assisted pilates after dinner, but thats it. Oh well. A rest day is probably ok after 3 weeks.
March18: CrossFit: Worked on a lift called a snatch, not very good at it yet. WOD: 3 rounds of 30% pull-ups, max push ups, max sit ups, 30% squats. Completed in total: 13 pull ups (with 2 resistance bands giving me a hand), 37 push ups, 55 sit ups, 30 squats. Feeling like I am getting way stronger through the core. And I got an afternoon walk in with GeoDad, kids and the dog.
March19: CrossFit: During warm I realized I was quite stiff from all the squats and pushups the day before. Oh well. WOD: AMRAP(as many rounds as possible) in 15 minutes: 60 skips, 20 Kettlebell swings. Completed: 7 rounds with 8kg kettlebell and short break to make Monkey feel better about watching and not helping me skip. My new skipping rope is much better to use, but I am still a very poor skipper.
March20: 45 minute online yoga fusion. My body is starting to feel like it enjoys doing warrior poses and not like I am trying to torture my quads.
March21:CrossFit: Deadlift 5x3reps at 85% of your max. Not sure what my max is, but I can do 75lbs for 3 reps. WOD: 15-10-5 reps of Thrusters at 50% of max and deadlifts at 60% of max. Thrusters, 24 lbs thrusters and 55lbs deadlifts. Completed in 3:52. It felt awesome to get through the WOD. I felt strong and like I am finally 'getting' it at crossfit.
March22: Walk in the park with Monkey. She stayed on top of the crusty snow and I fell through up to my knees.
March23: 40 Minute Online Pilates.
March24: No exercise. First day off after a month. I felt super guilty all day, but the stars were not aligned to get it done. Kids were sick, so no walks outside with them. I started tutoring math again, which happened during Monkey's nap (this is when I normally do yoga/pilates at home). I could have done something after kids went to bed, but I wasn't motivated to exercise during my sewing time.
March25: CrossFit:  Strength: Box Squat – Test for 1RM - 110 lbsSitups – Test for max reps (cap @ 50) - 36Pushups – Test for max reps - 27WOD: Row for Max distance: 20 rounds of 15 sec on/10 sec rest -1446 m 
March26: No exercise. Absolutely no good reasons for it. Better get back on track tomorrow.
March27: 45 minute online Yoga Fusion. Got outside to do some spring shoveling/water management in the yard.
March28: CrossFit: Strength: Rack Jerk 85% 1RM: 5x3 reps. 55lbs. Working on form, I could probably do a fair bit more weight.. Next time. WOD: 3 Rounds: 1 minute max back squat @45% 1RM, 1 minute max pull ups, 1 minute max pushups, 1 minute rest. Total Completed: 50 squats, 11 pull ups (with a band), 54 push ups. 
March29: Walk with my Mom, the kids and the dog. I moved faster than Monkey with the dog, but it was a still a pretty leisurely walk.
March30: Redo flooring in living room and dining room. I supervised kids and took them for a walk while furniture was being moved.
March31: 45 minute online power yoga practice after getting the turkey in the oven.

Happy Easter!

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