Thursday, 13 June 2013

A silly little project: 282 Basted Hexagons

I have hand basted 282 1" hexagons as part of my silly little hexagon project (see here and here about the beginnings of this project). I have more fabric ready to go, but am out of papers to basted to until I get a printer set up in the new house. Today I spray starched all 282 and sorted them into nice little piles when I was done.
All the different fabrics so far

Pressing cloth over the starched hexagons to protect my iron

A peek at the pressed and starched hexagons

Nice neat little piles

And into the Really Useful Box ( I see I forgot to take the sheet out of the box)

Now I need some clear directions on what to do with these hexagons. Do I make flowers (like these) or find do something more abstract? Should I have some white hexagons to use as background? Should I make stripes of color? Do I still want these to be a set of placemats? 

I am very undecided about the whole project at the moment any thoughts you have would be appreciated.


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