Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Monkey Turned 2

My little girl turned 2 last week  2 weeks ago. (It took me a few days to get all this posted because we moved into the new house and had no internet for a few days.) I can't believe that last 2 years has gone by so quick. We had dinner and cake with my brother, his fiance, my Grandma, my mom and her boyfriend. GeoDad was away for work so we are doing another small family only birthday event after we move into the new house.

Monkey's big gift was a play kitchen, it came with dishes and some food, as well as a chef's hat and apron. Her and LB both enjoy standing at it. She loves to 'make' coffee for me

I acquired a Wilton Monkey Cake Pan over the winter and thought this was the perfect event to test it out. I made a Coconut Banana Cake (recipe here) with Chocolate coconut frosting. Monkey thought it was delicious and tried to force me to eat a second piece. We froze a portion of it to share with GeoDad in the new house.

I got Monkey's skirt finished (but not in time for her actual birthday). Here it is just before finishing the hem: 

The skirt should be down to mid shin, and the elastic in the waist can be let out about 2 inches, so I am hoping this skirt fits for quite some time because it was way more work than I though it would be when I started. 

As you can see the skirt is too long as is... I am going to do a second hem to shorten it by about 4 inches... hopefully then she will want to wear it for longer than 10 minutes.

Getting settled into the new house and new routines that hopefully have lots more sewing time.


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