Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Ugly Hutchling is Complete

So way back last spring, when our move to Alberta was official I decided that I needed a china cabinet in whatever house we moved into. My Mom had tried to sell her old china cabinet/hutch, but it was too ugly. She tried to give it away but it was too ugly. I called it the Ugly Hutchling and claimed it for myself.

I made the decision that it need a new personality, the bleach white finish had to go. So I spent some time sanding and staining while I was still at my mom's. Then as with most things, I ran out of time to finish before our move.

Mom finished the last coat of stain, and then it waited patiently to get a layer of clear coat sprayed on.

After a long wait, it is done!!

Monkey smiles like a goof, and she thought it was pretty fun to watch me unpack my tea sets and put them in. 

While I now wish that I had spent a bit more time sanding at the start, I am super pleased with how it turned out. I am happy that I was able to keep the wood grain and have it be orange.

I might have to make a throw quilt for the living room with some orange in it so that it doesn't lonely. 


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