Tuesday, 1 April 2014

WIP: New Shelves and Bento Box

My Dad was around for a couple days at the end of last week. We packed a ton of stuff into his short visit. He hung a bunch of wire shelving that I have had sitting around since moving into the house. It is all up in the roughed in bathroom in the basement. When we (or the landlords) decide to finish the basement it is only a couple dozen screws to remove the brackets. Hopefully by then we will have thinned out some of the excess stuff we have.

Dad also hung a shelf and rod over the washer and dryer. These will be great for hanging our work clothes to dry.

Lastly we pulled the hutch off my desk, and raised it about 10 inches. Now I have a way better work surface for quilting. The desk is still a mess from the moving everything around downstairs, but hopefully later today I will get all the clutter put away.

Dad and I had a father-daughter date and went wedding dress shopping. We definitely had success, I found a beautiful dress, right on budget in just under an hour. Other than picking our wedding date, this was the first official thing I could check off my wedding planning to do list. Just under a year until the big date. 

I also got the last bunch of small blocks done for my friend's Bento Box Quilt:

I have tried a couple different layouts using half the blocks I have made. The first is really scrappy and the second is less scrappy and keeps the contrast colour in each big block consistent. Both arrangements need some work, but it is a start and I would love to hear your opinion on which way I should go.

Monday morning I started cutting fabric for a project just for me. I would tell you more but I do not have a clear plan in place right now. Here is sneak peek at it:

Thanks for stopping by to have look. I am linking up with Freshly Pieced for Work in Progress Wednesday. 


  1. Congrats on finding THE dress. I'm sure you look lovely in it. And it looks like you're really making progress on your sewing area. Concerning the bento boxes, I like the scrappy version better, partly because I like scrappy quilts, but also because it does a better job of spacing out the higher contrast bright colors. Of course, you could always just ask your friend what she prefers - if she knows she's getting it. And good luck on your project for you. My favorite projects are the ones I'm working on for myself.

  2. Congrats on finding your dress! That is always a huge sigh of relief. I love it when my dad visits--we always seem to get a ton of "maintenance" things taken care of.

    I love scrappy quilts, so I like the scrappy bento boxes.

  3. Progess all the house 'round! Your chunky bento boxes are so interesting visually! Especially with that stark contrast. Very cool!


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