Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A silly little project: 102 hexagons basted

A couple weeks ago when my sewing machine broke I decided I needed a hand sewing project. I decided to make something out of 1 inch hexagons. I cut paper templates and squares of fabric to baste to them (as shown here). The first one I made was super slow. But since my speed has improved drastically and I have made 102 of these silly little things.
Fabric folded over and basted at the corners

102 Hexagons Basted
I have been thinking about what to make once I have more of these made. My initial thought is to make a set of placemats (roughly 12"x18" or 12"x16") which according this fancy paper piecing calculator will require about 80 hexagons for each placemat. This website shows how to do all the math yourself as well, which if I was feeling more inclined I could do.
Using the fancy calculator

I have been thinking about possible ways to arrange the hexagons. Here are some ideas:
Left to right: Diamonds, flowers (with matching centers), flowers (contrasting centers) and stripes.
If I make 6 placemats I will need roughly 480 hexagons, so I am 21% done the first part of this project.
I am definitely enjoying it so far.


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