Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

Happy Wednesday
It has been a busy week so far. Both kids have stuffy noses and have rosy cheeks. Monkey is working on getting her 2 -year molars, and LB might be on his way to his first tooth. Neither has been sleeping well (so neither have GeoDad and I) which is cutting into my energy and motivation to get out of the house to exercise. On a plus side I have found a few new interesting times to sew.

Sunday I started tutoring math again for the first time in about 6 years. GeoDad and I were discussing that a bit more income would be good, and since we are staying with my mom for now, it would be possible for me to head out for an hour or two and do this. I was a math tutor in high school, and a bit during university (when my schedule allowed for it). I have always been a strong math student, and I enjoyed helping my friends with their homework, which is why I started tutoring way back then. Anyway, I was a bit rusty on Sunday and it was good that the student had a textbook. I definitely didn't remember all the formulas used in basic sequences and series, but we got through it and he was thankful.

The 2 sewing projects I have been doing are coming along very slowly. I have now basted 171 hexagons (see Hexagons in previous posts). I basted 8 at 3am a few nights ago while LB was wide awake and needing to poop. I also managed to basted 12 or 15 while he napped in my arms on Monday (this was much more tiring because I had to keep my right hand up in the air above him).

As for the cloth diaper project. It turns out I don't really enjoy sewing the elastic onto the PUL fabric. I like all the other steps and I like the outcome, but after I sew the elastic onto one cover I want to work on something else for the rest of the night. So one diaper a night seems to be my limit. I have completed 4 now. I am going to start using them, and until I have enough for a 2 day rotation, they will get washed everyday. From the looks it of it, they should fit Monkey too, I'm just not sure Monkey will lay still enough for me to do up the snaps on the front. I could also make some pull-up style ones for her, but I will get LB's done first.

In the mean time I am going to watch Monkey and LB learn to play 'together' with the tunnel in the living room.


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