Saturday, 16 March 2013

International Quilting Day & LB's Quilt Finish

Happy International Quilting Day (March 16th) from Canada
It seems to be the perfect day to finish up the project I am working on, and for those just reading my blog for the first time I will give you a quick summary of what that is.

My son was born early September, and being the second child in the family he got very few gifts, whereas his sister recieved 7 homemade blankets. Feeling like he needed something special I set out looking for fabric. 3 months of searching finally landed me Northcott's Reptile Rumpus Collection. I am making a big raggy blanket that he should be able to fit under for a couple years. You can check out the progress on it here (part 1part 2 or part 3).

Today I am finishing the snipping the seam allowances, here take a peak:
My Dad got me these little scissors, they turned out to be great for snipping the seam allowances

I got all the snipping done with a couple hours left in day, the quilt is headed into wash as soon as my other load is done. I will post photos of LB and his blanket tomorrow.
Looking forward to seeing this rag up

All snipped. Time to wash
Feels good to finally finish.



  1. Happy International Quilting Day to you too. I sure hope you have had fun quilting today and joining my sew-cial.


    1. Thanks for hosting. It was the first sew-cial I have been part of.

  2. Your rag quilt looks great. I love the colours.


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